I still do it

I'm definately the 1%

teenager post awkward moments - Google Search

All the time lol

Yes we do

Teenager Posts

#relatable post

i do this all of the time

Relatable Post

So true

Every time.

Haha ME!!!

Hehe I do that every time

lol i do this all the time

all the time.


15 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have Really Strict Parents... Ya and she has more time....

Teenager Posts soooooo true, I hate it when i'm just about to die then I wake up! I want to know what its like to die! I think the reason you wake up right before you die is because god wants heaven to be a surprize :D although we kinda spoiled it (read the book heaven is for real)

This happens to me all the time!

lol all the time

I should make one that says.. parent of teenager post #123.. that akward moment when your teenager is laughing at nothing and you arent sure whether you ask her why she is laughing or just walk away slowly, or run. Run. Fast.