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    The awkward moment when you only know one part to a song so you just keep singing the same line for the whole day.

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    I'm definately the 1%

    Every time. xD

    Is this really a teenager post though? because I definitely experience this at 25. haha

    teenager quotes

    teenager post awkward moments - Google Search

    All the time.

    Teenager Posts

    relatable post

    Every single time.

    I do this all the time!!!!!!!;)

    all the time

    Hey lets start a song you finish in the comments! Here's my line : boom clap


    So true!

    Happens all the time-_-

    Teenager Post #20670- normal teenager: sneaking out the house at 1am. Me: sneaking out of my bedroom to get a bag of cheetos and making myself a sandwich at 1am.