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Be a geek.be unafraid. "Being a geek is extremely liberating!" Best advice to give our kids, our students, ourselves! I'm a book and photography geek! What makes you proud to call yourself a geek?

Que el amor nos salve...

"Se nada nos salva da morte, que pelo menos o amor nos salve da vida" "If anything saves us from death, at least love will save us from life" -Pablo Neruda

Computer Upgrade King definitely has some serious "Geeks" because every detail when performing a computer modification matters. We love our computers!!

So true. People wonder why I watch movies and TV shows and read books over and over. It's because there's something new to discover every time.


Women are not an interest group. They are mothers and daughters and sisters and wives. They are half of this country and they are perfectly capable of making their own choices about health. -President Barack Obama---TRUE-so let them do it!

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Funny pictures about A better title for the books. Oh, and cool pics about A better title for the books. Also, A better title for the books.

"Nerds" | John Green - The miracle of human consciousness. It's more important than you imagine...

Introducing Fandom & “The Guild Companion” Winner

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The good things in life Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Harry Potter. Everything summed up nice and neat!

Cool shirt design I saw online. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who & Harry Potter. Some of my very favorite things!

it sure does, and i'm working on finding it. @BreAnne Berumen @Chrissy Carter @Amanda Rae @Ashlee Conrad

"My life has a superb cast, but I can't figure out the plot." Isn't this the truth! I love the cast in my life.

I Wasn't Born A Jedi... #lol #haha #funny

I wasn't born a Jedi. I didn't find a wardrobe to Narnia when I was eight. I didn't get my Hogwarts letter when I was eleven. Gandalf, I am counting on you to take me on an adventure when I am fifty.

I haven't even read this yet, but I know it's super awesome. Will Wheaton explains why being a nerd is awesom.

Wil Wheaton explains why being a nerd is awesome…

Funny pictures about Wil Wheaton explains why being a nerd is awesome. Oh, and cool pics about Wil Wheaton explains why being a nerd is awesome. Also, Wil Wheaton explains why being a nerd is awesome.

Pastries are the reason I went to culinary school. I love making pretty things for the world.

How You Can Become a Chef Without Going to Culinary School

This is my UBER GOAL for the next chapter of my life. I love this advice SO very much! And Julia Child LIVED IT! I feel that this advice is SO conducive to "Health & Wellness" that it HAD to be pinned on this board! Passion is KEY!

Okay, I have characteristics of both, but I self-identify as a nerd.  Won't be offended if you call me a geek, though.

Geek vs Nerd Infographic // Funny how Hipsters are totally Geeks haha.and how I'm mostly a geek but with having nerd qualities in the movie department haha

things I'm a geek about.

Sherlock, Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who - pretty much. Harry Potter and doctor who

Wilfred A. Peterson - inspiration for every Burner LIB Camper

Walk with the dreamers.Let their spirit ignite a fire within u to leave this world a better place than when u found it

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