• Portia Luke

    Mineatures and Bonsai Trees: the work of Takanori Aiba, a Japanese wizard of miniature artistry with a specialty in making Bonsai treehouses and tiny tourist resorts from a parallel universe.

  • Clare Hanny

    By: bjorn 16-02-2012 art, sculpture Japanese Maze designer/architect/artist Takanori Aiba creates incredibly detailed tiny worlds

  • Maname Isboo

    "These amazingly detailed, but tiny, tree houses built around bonsai trees astound me. Artist Takanori Aiba creates the delicate structures using materials like steel, resin, paper, plaster, LEDs and even ice cream containers. It's easy to get lost in the mesmerizing details of each sculpture." All I see is a blueprint for a hotel at that one of a kind resort, but who am I to judge.

  • makertango

    This is really cool lookin'! Makes me think of pirate fairies or something just fun. :) Tiny Bonsai Tree Houses by artist #TakanoriAiba. #AdventureSpace

  • Freecycle *Recycle Life*

    Hawaiian Pineapple Resort with Sunset - TAKANORI AIBA: Sculpture with Photo Collage by Takanori Aiba, via Flickr Please visit our website @ www.freecycleusa.com for awesome stuff.

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