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Math Story Problems. Every Time i See a Math Word Problem It Looks Like This: If i Have 10 Ice Cubes and You Have 11 Apples. How Many Pancakes Will Fit on the Roof? Answer: Purple Because Aliens Dont Wear Hats. Picture on VisualizeUs



this makes me so sad I could cry. Why do we live such miserable lives? Life is a gift! A wonderful, precious gift! and I am so sick of the exhaustion I constantly feel. oh my. i really hope things change so that this picture becomes untrue.


Compliments to the chef.

In everyday life people compliment each other and people get complimented. It is important that we all stay modest and kind. These two things are fruits of the Spirit that we are opened up to when we have the Sacrament of Confirmation. (real life)

from Experienced Bad Mom

Time to Laugh

It's Time to Laugh! This quote about flat squirrels is hilarious. For more funnies, visit the blog.

from Berry

Odd yet funny compliments (20 photos)

You're the best person to hang out with because you just want to have fun. And I just want to have fun. And together we make it happen. Or we just do nothing. Because neither of us can think of anything to do. @Karie Eneva Butdorf @Carley Powell Butdorf