• Aspasía

    As long as you're reading, who cares how?

  • Joy Johnson

    Hardcover, paperback, Kindle, magazine, comic book, whatever...

  • Ning Xin

    because reading #books is cool.

  • The Book Wheel

    Ebooks and Kindles join forces with books! Click the image to visit The Book Wheel, where we love books so much we give them away for free every month!

  • Taylor *

    Yes! although i prefer a physical book, it is nice getting books cheaper on my kindle and being able to carry dozens of books at a time :)

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One of my favorite books



Does Reading Make You a Nerd...or Make You Heard? Reading empowers you because knowledge is power. I can not even imagine how different my life would be if I never read a book that I was not required to read. Reading makes you heard.

Truth speaking

Reading is FUN!!

Suzanne Collins - I owe you one.

I read this book and it literally changed my outlook on life. Its a great story of one man's journey and transformation.