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The only thing cooler than a million dollars is, well, a billion dollars. Fortunately for social game creators, that’s just how much the industry is set to rake in this year. Indeed, it’s big business, and it’s not just for Internet nerds. In fact, one out of every five Americans over the age of six has played an online social game at least once — that’s 56 million people, all told.

Since 2010, social gaming has been expanding the gaming market and broadening the impact of gamification on business. And with sites like Zynga attracting 148 million unique gamers monthly, the trend is only growing. Here, we take a look with Flowtown at exactly who these social gamers are. - The REAL Social Gaming Network for casino and bingo players!

Infographic on "Social Games on Facebook and Google+ What makes them so popular?" (Source: Prism Casion)

This infographic presents the rsults of a study on the growth of free-to-play online games between 2009 and 2011. #infographic #stats #2011

Social Gaming & Online Gambling: Two Hot-Growth Markets Converging #Infographic #mobile #games

Social Gaming by the Numbers [Infographic]

Zynga’s Earnings Report: The Social Gaming Pioneer in Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

The History of Casual Gaming (Infographic): 75% of American heads-of-household play computer games and other console games, and 28% of all gamers happen to be women above the age of 18 – and children only make up 21% of the gamer community. #CasualGaming #Infographic. pay with #paysafecard

Diariamente acessamos diversas plataformas de mídia social, mas nunca nos perguntamos sobre o modelo de negócios da dita cuja. Veja neste infográfico o Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare e outros enchem os bolsos. Veja o infográfico: "How Social Sites Make Money", feito pela Bundles