Pastel Japanese masking tapes

Most popular washi tape of rainbow chevron print.

Weekend @kikkik_loves haul and just finished decorating my new #planner so much pr...

Mint tape with delicate white floral lace pattern. Cute decorative tape made from washi paper. This fun tape is able to be torn by hand and it is repositionable, so it is great for crafting and scrapbooking! It is also acid-free, so it will not damage your special photos and memorabilia.

DIY: tape garlands - would be really cute using Japanese Masking Tape (great for an impromptu party)

Pastel Gelato Italian Leather Wrap Journal - Jenni Bick Bookbinding

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Washi tape envelopes

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New Tape at Seventy tree

Washi tape bow #diy

Make plain note pads cute with washi tape. Simple and inexpensive gift idea

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Washi Tape, Encyclopedia Plant

Simple washi tape wrapping ideas

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DIY Matching School Supplies Duct Tape creations. Love me so decorative duct tape!!!

Washi Tape

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