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Wandre Waid guitar. Made in Italy. 1960s. Aluminum neck. "Fume" finish, done with candle smoke. Wandre Pioli.

Wandre BB 1960s The BB stands for Brigitte Bardot

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Wandré Guitars 60's restored (Started by the Italian guitar manufacturer Antonio Pioli. These guitars are famous for their original shapes, aluminium necks and unique switches. The guitars were originally designed and manufactured in early 1960s by Pioli in Cavriago, Italy. Very small productions were made, which makes these guitars very sought-after in the vintage guitar market. Some guitars by Pioli have appeared under other brand names such as Framez or Davoli.)

1960s Wandre Tri-Lam Bluejeans Teenager Electric Guitar Davoli Pickup

If not a Kay then definitely Kay inspired