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Free Vintage Valentine Printable Clipart Download~ To My Valentine

Free Vintage Valentine Printable Clipart Download ~ Heart Patch

I STILL wish I could find these kind of kids' vintage valentines! Remember how thrilled you were if you got one from the boy/girl you liked in the Valentines' class mailbox?!

free Vintage Valentine download / clip art~ Cupid


Woman & Cupid in Diamond Ring Vintage Inspired Valentine Ilustration

I feel it in my bones! (We gave these Valentines out one year when I was in elementary school!)

For my Valentine - Cupid the cook: "How would you like a nice warm heart with orange blossoms?" say what?!

Valentine's Day cards like this one were exchanged in grammar school in the 50's.

Dive into this well of inspirational love quotes

Comon, lets get into the swim on Valentines Day, Honey... Mermaid Valentine circa 1960