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A beautiful portrait of Grand Duchess Marie that I've never seen before. Don't know whose baby she's holding here. A cousin, perhaps? But it's definitely not her son!

A beautifully colorized photo of Nicholas and his beloved children. From left: Grand Duchess Anastasia, Grand Duchess Olga, the Czar, Czarevich Alexei, Grand Duchess Tatiana, and Grand Duchess Marie. The children are quite big here, so this photo was most likely taken during WWI. Nicholas and Alexei look quite dashing in their Cossack uniforms.

the Romanovs. from left - 3rd Grand Duchess Maria ("Mashka"), Empress Alexandra (Alix, "Sunny"), Tsarvitch Alexis (Alexei, "Little One"), 2nd Grand Duchess Tatiana ("the Duchess"), 1st Grand Duchess Olga, Tsar Nicholas II ("Nicky"), & 4th Grand Duchess Anastasia ("shvibzik," meaning "imp")

Grand Duchess Marie Nicolaevna Romanova, third child of Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra: Born 1899 -- Died 1918

Mary Queen of Scots and her son James, who would later take the throne after Queen Elizabeths death. Queen Elizabeth hated Mary & her Catholic faith, Elizabeth jailed Mary in the tower for a total 19 years before executing her. James grew up alone and mistreated by his uncle, he lost his mother in his life shortly after this painting. Mary had sought out Elizabeths protection, but she was refused & imprisoned, never once seeing Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth was after all still her fathers…

A beautiful portrait of Grand Duchess Marie. Of all the Imperial children, it was said that Marie looked the most like her grandfather, Czar Alexander III, and this photo shows why.

Mathilde Kschessinskaya, mistress of Nicholas II, Sergei Mikhailovich and his cousin Andrei Vladimirovich. In 1902, she gave birth to a son, Vladimir (known as "Vova"; 30 June 1902 - 23 April 1974); he was later given the title Prince Romanovsky-Krasinsky, but said that he never knew for sure who his father was. Matilda is pictured costumed for the title role in Petipa's La Camargo. St. Petersburg, circa 1902.

Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna Romanova of Russia (1872-1918) with her two youngest daughters Grand Duchesses Anastasia (1901-1918) and Maria (1899-1918). Year cca. 1909