old couple :)

Growing old together

old couples' love

old couples <3

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ღღ Together

old couple

Praying that my husband and I will continue to enjoy our walks together as we grow older. - #HopePusher

Grow old with me

Old Poetry | mwtb.org - Tracts :: Choice Poems :: Not Growing Old

If there's a photo out there that more beautifully captures enduring love, we're not sure we've seen it. The photographer and grandson of the couple wrote of the photo, "My 91-year-old grandfather is dying. Caught this beautiful moment between he and my 92-year-old grandmother in the hospital today." 10-30-2013 HuffPost


60 years of marriage

old couple

old couple

still laughing

grow old with me... x x

Cool Old Couple

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old couples <3

Old couple in the rain