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    Venus Figurines: 1 Willendorf (Rhine/Danube), 2 Lespugue (Pyrenees/Aquitaine), 3 Laussel (Pyrenees/Aquitaine), 4 Dolní Věstonice (Rhine/Danube), 5 Gagarino no. 4 (Russia), 6 Moravany (Rhine/Danube), 7 Kostenki 1. Statuette no. 3 (Russia), 8 Grimaldi (Italy), 9 Chiozza di Scandiano (Italy), 10 Petrkovice (Rhine/Danube), 11 Modern sculpture (N. America), 12 Eleesivitchi (Russia); 13 Savignano (Italy), 14 “Brassempouy Venus” (Pyrenees/Aquitaine), 15 Hohle Fels (SW Germany).

    Artist Aleah Chapin, 28, has caused controversy with her realistic paintings of nude older women. Now, she has a new London show that celebrates the female form at every age. Here, she opens up to Claire Cohen about body image and the perils of social media

    Great Mothers, 6300-5300 BCE

    Earth Goddess

    Venus figurines

    "Every woman can find her image/reflection in one of these deities...." :) I'm not sure if *every* woman can find her exact shape here, but I'm sure many can, in one statue or mixes of some... anyway, this is awesome. all these shapes are beautiful :)

    Sculpted from one block of marble, The Veiled Vestal Virgin, 1847 (Raffaele Monti)

    Rideaux, Franse Pyreneeën datering: paleolithisch, 20.000 - 18.000 v.o.j.

    The Goddess Cult Venus figurines dating from 28.000 - 15.000 B.C.

    Vestal - Frederic Leighton ; in ancient roman religion , vestal virgins were priestesses of Vesta, the goddess of the Hearth

    St Bartholomew, an early Christian martyr who was skinned. If you look closely, you’ll notice that’s not a robe, but actually his removed skin hanging around him. by Marco d’Agrate, 1562 (Duomo cathedral, Milan-Italy)

    pal00010.jpg | PALEOLITHIC | Venus of Willendorf. | c. 25000 BCE | European | Paleolithic: Aurignacian | Limestone | Austria. | | ©Kathleen Cohen |

    Egyptian Predynastic - Female Figure,from Ma'mariya. Predynastic Period, Naqada IIa (circa 3500-3400 B.C.). Terracotta, painted.

    Monument to murdered children of Lidice.

    venus of willendorf

    "The limitations of paper as a form offer a challenge, which through playful investigation results in tangible models...Hands on manipulation provides the best insight into the properties of a material, allowing its behaviors to be discovered and exploited for the generation of form." -Richard Sweeney

    My broken body - glass art Inspiration- stained glass piece using scrap glass in a similar shape.


    Terracotta Figure of Isis-Aphrodite dating back to the roman period 500AD from Egypt

    The triple moon is a Goddess symbol that represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone as the waxing, full, and waning moon. It is also associated with feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities. Art by Ferrand Jean-Charles