Venus Figurines: 1 Willendorf (Rhine/Danube), 2 Lespugue (Pyrenees/Aquitaine), 3 Laussel (Pyrenees/Aquitaine), 4 Dolní Věstonice (Rhine/Danube), 5 Gagarino no. 4 (Russia), 6 Moravany (Rhine/Danube), 7 Kostenki 1. Statuette no. 3 (Russia), 8 Grimaldi (Italy), 9 Chiozza di Scandiano (Italy), 10 Petrkovice (Rhine/Danube), 11 Modern sculpture (N. America), 12 Eleesivitchi (Russia); 13 Savignano (Italy), 14 “Brassempouy Venus” (Pyrenees/Aquitaine), 15 Hohle Fels (SW Germany).

Great Mothers, 6300-5300 BCE

Artist Aleah Chapin, 28, has caused controversy with her realistic paintings of nude older women. Now, she has a new London show that celebrates the female form at every age. Here, she opens up to Claire Cohen about body image and the perils of social media

Goddess Sculptures

Venus figurines

Venus of Willendorf

Venus de Willendorf

McDermott - Self-Representation in Upper Paleolithic Female Figurines Table of Contents The First Human Images The earliest prehistoric representations, the so-called Venus figurines, constitute a recognizable stylistic class and are among the most widely known of all Paleolithic objects

Earth Goddess

Also represented as an owl....Sophia. Goddess Isis 13"

"Every woman can find her image/reflection in one of these deities...." :) I'm not sure if *every* woman can find her exact shape here, but I'm sure many can, in one statue or mixes of some... anyway, this is awesome. all these shapes are beautiful :)

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pal00010.jpg | PALEOLITHIC | Venus of Willendorf. | c. 25000 BCE | European | Paleolithic: Aurignacian | Limestone | Austria. | | ©Kathleen Cohen |

Clay Venus Jomon (Goddess of the Mask) - 5000 years - from Chino, Japan

Bird headed Mother Goddess and Divine Child figurine. 1500-1200 BCE. Tyre, Lebanon.

The Venus of Moravany is a small female figurine made of mammoth ivory dated to 22,800 BP, which places it in the upper Paleolithic. (Slovak National Museum)

venus of willendorf

Gui Brigaudiot, "Pan"

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