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    • Michelle Maher

      The Welfare Billionaires! It's time to end this "cycle of dependency" the big Corporate Welfare moochers have on the taxpayers money!!

    • Marizza

      Despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars over the years, demonizing government and promoting pure free-market capitalism, the Koch brothers have been unashamed recipients of corporate welfare. They graze cattle and harvest timber on public lands, reaping the profits while paying minuscule fees. They use the government’s power of eminent domain to obtain routes for their thousands of miles of gas and oil pipelines.

    • Ole Olson

      Self made myth

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    Less than 40 bucks for food stamps... and 4,000 for corporate subsidies! Point your anger about freeloading where it belongs.

    Corrupt Republicans STEALING our Tax dollars to GIVE to the RICH POLLUTING MOOCHERS!!


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    How did "We The People" allow things get to a point where the NFL gets billions in corporate welfare?

    Republicans continue to support massive tax loopholes, overseas banking and corporate subsidy give aways.

    In 2006 Corporate Welfare outdid Social Welfare 92 Billion to 59 Billion. Now I'm sure that some of that 92 Billion was legitimately needed by small ...

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    Think about that. The largest, wealthiest, most powerful organizations in the world are on the public dole. Where is the outrage? Back when I was young, people went into a frenzy at the thought of some unemployed person using food stamps to buy liquor or cigarettes. Ronald Reagan famously campaigned against welfare queens. The right has always been obsessed with moochers. But Boeing receives $13 billion in government handouts and everyone yawns, when conservatives should be grabbing their pitchf


    It costs the American tax payer 6.1 billion to give subsidies to WalMart workers because their pay is far below the poverty line. A minimum wage of$15 ends the subsidies and improves the local economy. Those wages are now spent locally and not sent to the Cayman Islands as non taxable profit. Cities that have raised their minimum wage have seen their local economies improve just as one would expect.


    END THE DENIAL: You need to face the truth & end this practice! More Than 50% Of Welfare Goes To The Wealthy. I don't understand how so many of the 99% voted Republican.. Boy have they been brainwashed! Guess You'd Rather See A Child Go Hungry. SHAMEFUL!

    The oil and gas industries receive $16 billion a year in federal subsidies, according to the watchdog Taxpayers for Common Sense. The bill targeted about $2 billion a year in tax breaks to Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Shell, ConocoPhillips and BP.