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Family bath time.

Siamese mom teaches her babies how to avoid the dreaded Bath.I will never take a bath!

aww. reading the babies to sleep.

I'm going to go with one of Ali Lea's suggestions. Tonight and Friday, let's do BEDTIME STORIES (or Story Hour) . any image having to do with reading books to children or children's books.


This sink is taken! cat and kitten in sink - Funny Animal Photo

The Best Kind Of Burritos

Funny pictures about The Best Kind Of Burritos. Oh, and cool pics about The Best Kind Of Burritos. Also, The Best Kind Of Burritos photos.

funny pictures jokes humor - Google Search

Adorable cats, dogs and other animal pictures. Do you smile at least once a day? You should!

Meow meow meow

branna-laurelin: “ freshiejuice: adorabelledearheart: dirtprince: thepliablefoe: Norwegian forest cats are the fucking best. They look like little snow lions MORE REASONS WHY NORWEGIAN FOREST CATS ARE.

Lazy... Pampered... Well fed... Playful...  Curious... In love... Free to roam wherever I pleased...

Brother & sister kitties - how adorabable is this? Bonded for life. Also consider adopting sibling pairs from rescue groups or shelters if you have the means to do it. The kitties will truly appreciate not being separated and will be friends for life!

I demand a DNA test

Is there anything cuter than a baby animal picture? Yes! There is! A baby animal that looks just his mom or dad! That's what we call a Mini Me!


Aww sweet mommy comforting her baby kitten. She's not fat, she's fluffy. All the best of us are!

hands full of happiness I'd say

Crazy cat lady wedding bouquet I would die if some one did this for me. I love cats sooooooo much!