Love this idea :)

I love that flip-flop idea. Especially when you have a full night of dancing! Old Navy selection of beach colors.

Cute sign!

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Love this idea

DIY Wedding using wood pallets! It would be cute for an evening wedding to hang lights through out the wholes as well, even at the reception if it was in the evening. Cut idea none the less...

wedding bathrooms--it's the little touches ;)

Dancing shoes - kick off your heels! cute idea if people might be dancing outside/ on grass :) i think once or twice a year old navy flip flops go on sale for $1 a pair

Might do this, I hate when wedding party wears flip flops, so not classy. Love that they are cushioned. super adorable in lace. comfortable shoes for a reception. plus they are $6

For the bathrooms at the reception

Cute idea

Wedding Reception ... Ok, this is just a good idea, and cute. Because no one wants to dance in heels!

I love this idea!

totally gonna take a picture like this:)

AW!! i always see "i do" on the bottoms of the Bride's shoes, and this is such a cute idea for the groom

such a cute idea!

This site is pretty great. You choose your budget, then it shows you TONS of examples of weddings within the same budget. It even breaks down what each bride spent. There are some pretty great ideas!

Lights under the cake table. Love this idea!

Wedding Flip Flop Basket

Such a cute idea for thank you's

Cute party favor idea! The m's would be changed to purple, and they can also be customized to say what you want or your wedding date!