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Holy crap, these bees will DRINK TEARS FROM YOUR EYES

Carpenter Bee. We've got several hanging out in our yard. Can't tell if they're fighting or frolicking with one another.

Beautiful, happy little creatures - one of my favourites.

I am concerned about bees and the colony collapses that are being driven by man's pesticide and herbicide use. We won't have food without the bees, simple as that. "Soylent green is people" (see the movie, Soylent Green Lima alasan mengapa Propolis dapat menjadi obat, yaitu Lebih dari 180 phytochemicals ada di dalam Propolis antara lain bioflavonids, berbagai turunan asam orbanic, phytosterols, terpenoids dlsb. Zat-zat ini terbukti memiliki berbagai sifat anti-inflamatory,antimicrobial, antihistimanine, antimutagenic dan antiallergenic.

. With bees dying out, the effect on food production could be catastrophic. Scientists have not reached a consensus regarding the cause, but recent studies strongly suggest a particular class of insecticides is to blame, with other contributing factors. According to a recent article from Slate, “pollintors have been called the canaries in the coal mine for ecosystem health.” When bees fail to pollinate, it means bigger trouble than most people realize

Good Guys In The Backyard. But - don't forget who they are. Respect for your neighbors in the backyard is always a good idea.

Syrphid fly and sweat bee on Mexican sunflower (Tithonia). Gallery of North Carolina Pollinators. Photo by Debbie Roos, Agricultural Extension Agent. all rights reserved

Miner Bee & pollen by Alliec2007, via Flickr

incredible close-up of Bumble bees full of pollen ; ) (via flickr 73681361@N02/6712454857)

Bees signify 'Hard Work & Communication'