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  • Janelle Woodyard

    #Car #TeddyGrahams #M

  • Iris Carter

    Birthday Party Ideas - Blog - BEEP BEEP They are so easy and pretty cute! I used snack size Milky Way bars, Teddy Grahams, M&M's and a dab of icing to hold the wheels in place.

  • Nellie Wilkerson

    teddy graham, milky way, and m's. Cute snack idea at a kids party.

  • Lisa Edwards

    Race car snack - Teddy bear, milky way bar and m&m;'s. Stick on the wheels with a small tube of gel icing, make a slit in the candy bar with a toothpick and carefully push the teddy graham in. Awesomeness!! Perfect Pine Wood Derby treats!!

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Made this recipe this afternoon after church. It. Is. So. Delicious. Didn't add pecans (because I'm cheap and didn't want to buy them), used white chocolate instead of the almond bark, and used honey in place of karo syrup.

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Teddy Graham Smore Pops - Charlotte and I tried this, but made some serious mistakes. First, we used straws, but the marshmallows get really heavy really quickly, so they kept falling over. We decided to just lay them on a plate. Once the chocolate set, the marshmallows were STUCK. Use heavier sticks and wax paper, and I think they will turn out fine.

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