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  • Tiana Red❤️

    Get more life out of old sweaters It can easily happen: A wool sweater gets included in a load of laundry that’s machine-washed in hot water and dried in a dryer, making the sweater shrink so it’s way too small to wear. The upside of having one or more such sweaters is they’re great to cut up and use in craft projects; the dense weave of felted wool tends not to fray, and the sweater pieces are pretty easy to stitch together or onto other material.  If you haven’t accidentally felted a sweater lately, you could intentionally felt one, e.g., wash and dry a sweater you’ve outgrown or purchased at a thrift store. If you haven’t felted something before, the process can leave a fiber-y residue in your washing machine (and water line) — I suggest reading Diane Gilleland’s felting tips on the Craftystylish blog first. Want project ideas? See earlier Unconsumption DIY posts on making a patchwork cover to use on iPads and other things (here), and a holiday wreath (wreath #7 in the group shown here). This Threadbanger post features several ideas with links to tutorials, as does this Pinterest board. (From the looks of that Pinterest page, I’d say Marta McCall is a felt fan!) As for me, I’m going to keep things simple and cut out circles to make both a miniature holiday tree for next year and coasters. (Mitten photo, via Food & Crafts on Pinterest, which links to this post with how-to info for mittens, a patchwork blanket, a basket, and more; hat photo, via Vintage Indie, which includes a brief tutorial.)

  • Elisabeth Berry

    DIY: Felt an old sweater to make a new pair of woolen mittens... easy, fun gift idea

  • Erin Pate

    old sweater mitten and links to various other felted sweater crafts

  • Amy Magee

    Done something similar and made Christmas stockings (using my mother's old sweaters). Mittens from outgrown or shrunken sweaters. Easy to sew.

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