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If only this were true. Or rather, if I were a supermodel, it would be my job to burn calories and I would never be stressed.


Meaning of ‘Askhole’

This is funny, but so true. I know quite a few people like this. I think I'm going to use this one. I hear me now, "Stop Being An Askhole" LOL

OH MY GOSH!!!! So true! I would give anything to be as I was in highschool, when I "thought" I looked as I really do NOW.

Whenever I check my weight I always subtract 5 pounds, I dont think a girls boobs or brain should ever count against them

I, on the other hand, become rapturous with desire. Luckily, I am like a baby without object permanence, so if the much-coveted object is out of sight long enough without me ordering it, I very often forget that it exists and that only it can fulfill me and make my life complete. Lol.