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    Love this!!!

    Mother Teresa

    this too shall pass

    Words to live by.

    So true

    Wise words from an 8-year-old.

    I won't disclose my age.... but all i can say.. this is a most beautiful and honest read.... I wish, as a writer, these words had fallen from my wrists onto the blank page!

    You say... God says...

    Mother Teresa

    True story...

    So true....I couldn't have said this any better. It's also about letting go as your children grow and letting them make there own lives and choices even though you may not agree. You have to stand back and be supportive despite how you feel. Being a mother is one of the greatest joys in life but at the same time one of the most difficult. I wouldn't want it any other way!! <3

    I love this

    Words to Live By - it is the last one that gets me!


    dr. seuss

    Hard to remember sometimes.

    Be kind, fair, honest, true

    Being delayed is not always a bad thing, maybe God is protecting you for something...or someone! #Begrateful #BePatient Oh so that is it!

    Try this.