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bike manual app

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App | via RedBird Paperie

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Mobile UI - App Proposal on the Behance Network

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Zahir Ramos

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Laundry Master App - iOS on the Behance Network

Society6from Society6

This Year Art Print by Around & Around

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Interaction design, Cell phone manual made simple, Clever design, User-friendly, Vitamins Studio

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Masaru'S Board

Environmental Infographics

Antarctic Monitoring iPad App (University Project) *** "This project was to develop a user interface for an iPad application, based on information from the World Wildlife Fund. The project I came up with was an application "Southern Ocean and Antarctica Ranger" (S.O.A.R) for environmental rangers to use to set up and monitor Marine Protected Areas (M.A.Ps)." by Nick Roberts, via Behance *** #app #ipad #gui #ui #behance