Rearing chicken can be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience thanks to the…

Keep your chickens safe and comfortable in this chicken coop duplex. With two sleeping houses and two nesting houses, the coop accommodates 10 bantams or six standard chickens. A wire-mesh chicken run

Love this Hen house and chicken run idea~~CUTE!!!!!

A Joyful Cottage: Living Large In Small Spaces - A Tour of Shabby Chic Tiny Retreat chicken coop

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Neat chicken coop in the barn, but would only work if you have lots of natural light and don't be fooled, the floor would never stay that clean. The chickens would kick dust all over the place.


My Chicken Farmhouse -- Community Chickens. Good idea about a sand/gravel mix for floor of run.

Chicken coop idea ~ Made in heaven: Summer at the country cottage |

Made in heaven: Summer at the country cottage a dgs kennel or a chicken coop with style