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I think I actually teared up during this episode. "Please don't hurt my friend." Sheldon feels!!!!

Sheldon's smile. Big Bang Theory is my new favorite tv show.

Sheldon being Sheldon - The Grasshopper Experiment (I think is what this episode's called)

sheldon cooper big bang theory turned out he had a right to freak out about the chair Penny

Hahaha!! Never noticed how similar Sheldon and CP30 are!

Sad part is. I know the song by heart. And sing it in his voice. Bahahahahahahah love Sheldon!

Sheldon Cooper ;) Bahahaha!! I love it!! one of my favorite parts!! "I'm Batmannn" hahhha

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HAHAHAHAHA YESSSS. Nothing will ever be better than this. Julie Hood

The Big Bang Theory just lost all credibility to me. No way someone as smart as Sheldon would use IE.

The Big Bang Theory | Leonard Hofstadter: I did a bad thing. Sheldon Cooper: Does it affect me? Leonard Hofstadter: No. Sheldon Cooper: Then suffer in silence.