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Italian Stuffed Shells

I love cooking, but I'm not into fancy gourmet foods. I think it's more challenging to make delicious, down-home foods like this beefy casserole with ingredients easily found in the refrigerator and on my pantry shelves. —Marjorie Carey, Alamosa, Colorado

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Glossary of Cooking Terms

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Healthy Substitutes

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Morel and Asparagus Spaghetti

By saving the fragrant soaking liquid of dried morels, and use it to cook the pasta, all of that delicious mushroomy flavor gets recycled and infuses the noodles as they boil. Tossed with the plumped morels, bright green asparagus, and fresh, grassy heavy cream, it all blends together for a delicious meal. This recipe is adapted from Food52 by Leah Koenig for her article One Ingredient Many Ways: Mushrooms.

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