A Beautiful and goth-like Myrna Loy in the 1920's ~ goth-tastic!

Myrna Loy

Rita Hayworth & Fred Astaire

Mary Brian, American actress, late 1920s

Myrna Loy as a young vamp, 1920s

Dolores Del Rio, 1920s

portrait of Myrna Loy, aged fifteen, 1920

Gloria Swanson, 1920s....lovely

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Rita Hayworth.

Myrna Loy

1920s Glamour

Brigitte Bardot, 1958

"This photo of actress Raquel Torres was taken in the late 1920s or very early 30s. Raquel was a Mexican born American actress who's first starring role was in MGM's White Shadows of the South Seas in 1928. She was in several films in the late 20s and early 30s including Duck Soup with the Marx Brothers. Raquel abruptly retired from acting in 1934 after marrying New York businessman Stephen Ames. Torres died in 1987 at age 78." - Couture Allure

Captivatingly gorgeous silent movie starlet Esther Ralston in the 1920s. She was so stunning looking!

Hedy Lamarr - not only was she gorgeous, she was also an engineer and inventor. My kind of lady


Sylvia Sidney

elizabeth taylor

Maude Adams - c. 1890