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Muhammad / Muhamglad | Photo @ a nice way... http://lawrencehowardw.tumblr.com/post/22204968550/muhamglad

Haha :) awesome!!

LOVE this movie.

A beautiful compilation of Disney Tumblr posts

This is awesome!


Best of the Funny Disney Swap Faces. Oh my goodness. This legitimately made me laugh SO HARD. AHAHAHAHA

i'm not crying

Said another pinner, In all fairness, I would be freaked out if a tiny person ran across my floor. more funny things find there: factory-of-smile.com


Oh Mulan

A man in kneed.

This one's for your Harry Potter Board!

46 Funny Name Puns That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes So Hard


Reese Witherspoon - used to be married to Ryan Phillipe ?I *think* they have two children together...

i think i'll make one and hang it in the post office