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    Identified with the Goddess Artemis, Diana is the Roman Goddess of the woodlands, wild animals and of the hunt. Description from I searched for this on

    Greek Mythology - Artemis. Daughter of Zeus, twin of Apollo. Goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals, and fertility.


    Gefjon is the Germanic and Nordic (Icelandic) Goddess of Vegetation, Agriculture, and Fertility. She is a shapeshifter who symbolizes growth, prosperity, virginity, good fortune, and the magical arts. According to mythology, she gave birth to four giant sons whom she transformed into oxen and used for ploughing the land. One of the Aesir deities, she is said to have been the founder of a royal Danish dynasty. Legend has it that maidens who died as virgins became her servants.

    Artemis Greek goddess of hunting and night

    Classic Diana. #goddess

    In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the moon, the woodlands, of wild animals, and of hunting.

    Artemis !

    Pink Poppies - Moudru Marie-Claire - fleur3 <> (flowers, blooms, blossoms, posies, watercolor)

    Vestal - Frederic Leighton ; in ancient roman religion , vestal virgins were priestesses of Vesta, the goddess of the Hearth

    Nyx, Greek Goddess of Night, was a daughter of Chaos; and so a sister of Gaia. She was married to her brother Erebus (Darkness). Her realm was in the far West beyond the land of Atlas.

    I am fire.

    red wolf tree. Autumn is Near by on @deviantART



    The Last Tree Goddess



    The Slavic goddess the Wise Villa traditionally is more known as Vasilisa the Wise. She is magician, who Masters woods and waters , defends nature. christmas snow maiden ukraine

    Green Goddess

    Artemis -- I love greek mythology and Artemis is wonderful!