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9 Deadly Words Used By A Woman :) Probably one of the most true things I have EVER read! Men take note!


My husband asks me all the time why I am running the dryer again.

*dramatic sigh* ...those are similies, you morons.

Funny pictures about Really bad analogies written by high school students. Oh, and cool pics about Really bad analogies written by high school students. Also, Really bad analogies written by high school students.

Funny Quotes About Days Off. QuotesGram

The best feeling is waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you still have hours to sleep. The trick is getting back to sleep!

I thought I was on the only one that felt this way. I can't believe that someone put it into words!

Blanket on - Too hot. Blanket off - Too cold. One leg out - Perfect. Until the demon from Paranormal Activity grabs your leg and drags you through the hall.

there are real tears falling right now

Eat shit and die=excuse me. Eat shit and die, mother fucker=excuse me, sir. Eat shit and die, bitch=excuse me ma'am.

Here, have some wine. LOL

The first row and the last row are true. I suppose the last column (Ultra safe) would be too if I drank wine. Let's just change that whole column to "chocolate" instead of wine.

@Grandparents & Grandkids

Funny pictures about A toddler's rules of possession. Oh, and cool pics about A toddler's rules of possession. Also, A toddler's rules of possession photos.

punography- It was a play on words! I actually laughed out loud

I love a good joke. Who am I kidding? I love a dumb joke too. My favorite type of humor is dry wit. I don’t like mean-spirited dry humor. That’s just not funny. When something/someone makes me laug.

My autocorrect lost all faith in me long ago

That moment when you spell a word so wrong that even auto correct is like, "I've got nothing man" story of my life

How to know whether or not you're ready to be mother test.

Are you ready to have kids? Take this mom dad test to see if you are child ready. I like the octopus test LOL. Pretty funny what parent go through. Most doesn't faze me anymore it's just a daily routine but man those Legos hurt!