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Star Trek Inflatable Captain's Chair

You’re never too young to discover the magic of Star Trek and the Star Trek Inflatable Captain's Chair is the perfect way to let your little one sail off into the world of starships and ladies in super-short dresses. The inflatable chair holds up to 120-pounds so the bigger Star Trek c

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All five Star Trek Captains together!

Star Wars VS Star Trek (Infographic ) We All Know Spock would get Force Blasted b4 he could get close enough to "Pinch" ; ]

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The Science of Star Trek. Doesn't beat the original tech manual that showed that mathematically the Enterprise is going backwards at Warp 1. ;)

When worlds collide... It's funny because he's the emergency medical hologram. (For my friends who don't know Star Trek ).

45 years of #StarTrek timeline infographic - SO printing this out.

Spock is half human, it is only logical for him to have feelings + feelings run deeply within Vulcans, sometimes more deeply than in humans! and yes a big applause for a great recasting!

Green blood is *almost* as aristocratic as blue.

Star Trek - solely for hubs, who didn't tell me he was a closet Trekkie until after we were married

All the Fandoms 13x19in poster print (Doctor Who Harry Potter Star Trek Star Wars Supernatural Game of Thrones Hobbit Sherlock)

It's not that Star Trek is predicting the future. It's that everyone who made those devices were geeks who grew up on the show and based their designs on it. "Star Trek says it's possible? LET'S MAKE IT POSSIBLE! FOR SCIENCE!"

I hope they all end up in the same retirement home so I can work there and bug the crap out of them. "OMG I'M LIGHK UR BIGGEST FAN" while fluffing their pillows and surfing pudding.

Celebs who appeared on Star Trek.