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As the animated globe turns, you can see what man has wrought upon the planet. The glowing maps show transportation routes and power grids that span the globe. It’s certainly an impressive accomplishment. You can’t but be in awe of the sheer will and determination and skill it’s taken to create this globalized world. At the same time, it’s hard not to gasp at the scale of what we’ve done.

Fubiz Mediafrom Fubiz Media

Photos of Earth from Space

André Kuipers

sunrise on Earth ✯ ♥ ✯ ♥ image credit: ✯ ♥ ✯ ♥ click the pin to watch the 5 minute video at ✯ ♥ ✯ ♥ #AmbitEnergy #orange #energygoldrush

OVERVIEW by Planetary Collective. On the 40th anniversary of the famous ‘Blue Marble’ photograph taken of Earth from space, Planetary Collective presents a short film documenting astronauts’ life-changing stories of seeing the Earth from the outside – a perspective-altering experience often described as the Overview Effect.

Welcome to the Anthropocene by WelcomeAnthropocene. A 3-minute journey through the last 250 years of our history, from the start of the Industrial Revolution to the Rio+20 Summit. The film charts the growth of humanity into a global force on an equivalent scale to major geological processes.

View from the ISS at Night by Knate Myers. Every frame in this video is a photograph taken from the International Space Station. All credit goes to the crews on board the ISS.

'Welcome to the Anthropocene' Earth Animation by Globaïa. This is the animation done by Globaïa for the short film 'Welcome to the Anthropocene' commissionned for the Planet Under Pressure conference.

The remains of likely the brightest supernova in recorded human history, lit up planet Earth's sky in the year 1006 AD. Because the distance to the supernova remnant is about 7,000 light-years, that explosion actually happened 7,000 years before the light reached Earth in 1006. Seriously, how does one NOT love astronomy?!