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from SOCKS

Thomas Doyle’s Distillation, Reclamation and Bearings Series

New York based artist Thomas Doyle creates miniature worlds in bell jars. Doyle’s work often deals with the interplay of domestic life and destruction, love and anguish, memory and chaos, frozen in fragile instants and evoking feelings of omnipotence in the viewer, as if he’s recalling an event of the not so distant past.

from Green Wedding Shoes

A Backyard Fiesta Wedding Celebration: Rebecca + Thomas

Imaginary View plays with the viewer’s perceptions through perspective; how big are the classical Roman columns, how close the Deco crests? Visitors to this Somerset House exhibition will have the chance to find out...

"One of the main benefits of shooting on white backgrounds is it’s easy to extract the subject. White backgrounds are great, not only for people photography, but also for product photography. When you shoot on a white background, it is easy to eliminate distractions. The viewer can focus directly on the subject without their eyes wandering all over." - Thomas Shue, Professional Photographer