Attitude is everything

The thoughts you go to sleep with are the most critical thoughts of your day. Make them positive, loving and of gratitude. You will be amazed how well you'll sleep, and how fantastic your morning and day will be tomorrow. Smile & Share!

Love this saying.....soooo true

Power of Positive Thinking

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My children need to follow these simple house rules and he who enters must follow them also.

Positive Thinking

Wonderful quote by Cecil Beaton





i often wonder...


love it & live by it.

Let your past make you better, not bitter.

It took years of being a grown up to get that confidence and self worth back but there are still days that I get caught up in challenging situations and forget. So I decided to create a reminder for myself and all women, bringing together quotes that inspire, empower and remind us of how powerful we really are. Mere quotes won’t change your life, but they can change your perspective and your day

Positive quotes

to live by..