This is an inspiring story about how an aspirational school principal helped 4 autistic students train for a marathon relay.

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The Principal's Organizer

Great Principals

Run-Walk Half Marathon Training Plans - Page 4 of 4 - Women's Running

Principal for a Day - cute idea

Top Apps for School Principals


What Makes A Good Principal

"There are no good schools without good principals."

FREE Principal and Assistant Principal Organization Binder!!

What's my excuse again?

How Do You Compare to the Average Road Racer? | Runner's World & Running Times #IdealShape #MyIdeal

How cool is this! Full and half marathon pace band featured in @Runner's World gift guide.

These five exercises will help you to strengthen and stretch all ten toes, and develop flexible strength from the ground up! | via @SparkPeople #health #wellness #balance

Help students pay attention

Speech Therapy. Communication Board Pecs I WANT for Classroom, School. Non-verbal, Autism, Special Needs. #autism #speechtherapy #boardmaker

FREE handout to help your high school students master MLA formatting.

Marathon/Half Marathon Training

Featherweight half marathon running shirts for by RunningPoetry

Use this great Reading Response Quilt to help your students closely analyze Informational Texts!