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Singin in the Rain - Glee style - gotta throw some Glee in somewhere. Love me some Singing in the Rain. Ahh Gene Kelly you were amazing

I could pin this on so many different boards ... but I'll this one. :)

@LauGimenezz seguro ya viste este brittany asi que me hace pensar en vos :)

Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Sam, Santana, Brittany, Artie, Puck, Lauren, Tina, Mike, Kurt, Blaine, Sue, and Will.

I don't understand what laugh the producers are getting out of making us wait a complete month for the show to continue. NOT FAIR .

Samantha Noll I know you have trouble keeping calm when you watch

The one time i DONT want Glee returning to Dalton Academy. And where the Funk are Hunter and Jeff?!

Santana and Brittany get married in "A Wedding"

"I basically had to show Gunther my left side boob to get you this job."