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Little Melbourne
Little Melbourne • 2 years ago

fun for summer

  • Angela Trzicak-Mullins

    Love all these fun ideas for summer fun!!!

  • Melissa Diedrich-Williams

    Cute idea, but "funner" isn't a word and I don't mean to be picky, but I don't think I could write it on the board and then correct my kids when they use it in thier speech.

  • Kelly Clawson
    Kelly Clawson • 1 year ago

    We all know funner isn't a word. But it's funner to say!

  • Charity Griffin
    Charity Griffin • 1 year ago

    Instead of correcting their grammar by telling them not to say funner, even though you wrote it on the board, use it as a great opportunity to explain that sometimes they will see signs and commercials and stuff that don't use correct grammar. Explain that it's advertising and used for effect and is sort of an art form

  • Charity Griffin
    Charity Griffin • 1 year ago

    And that while it's okay (I don't really think it is, but hey if you best 'zen at least minimize the damage) to use crazy spellings in that context, it is not good to speak that way or spell our normal correspondence that way.

  • Charity Griffin
    Charity Griffin • 1 year ago

    Freaking auto correct * if you can't beat them NOT hey if you best zen

  • Melody Amoss
    Melody Amoss • 1 year ago

    My kids are already smart enough to know that funner is not a word and that playing with words during creative expression is different than writing a formal paper or business correspondence. Love cuteness and creativity and this is just that. It reminds us all that there is no need to be bored and to enjoy the fun we find in the little things. Staying positive here :)

  • KayCee Stahl
    KayCee Stahl • 1 year ago

    Hey melissa- before you correct someone's grammar, you might spell correctly first *THEIR. lol

  • Laura Gokey
    Laura Gokey • 1 year ago

    Funner!!! I can't believe they used funner!!

  • Cristiana G
    Cristiana G • 1 year ago

    Actually in 2010 funner was added to the Webster dictionary. I don't think I can say it without cringing but our new generation seems to be adopting it. Cute idea!

  • Ashlie Fleig
    Ashlie Fleig • 1 year ago

    I think the grammar debate is missing the whole point of a "funner summer."

  • Cari Newton
    Cari Newton • 1 year ago

    I think this is such a great idea! By the way, I homeschool my children, and they LOVE to remind me that "funner" is in fact in the dictionary as an acceptable part of the English Language. So enough with the grammar police, and just enjoy the Pin or move on!

  • TheVintageFunkery Gail P

    Why would one want to say 'more fun' when one can say 'funner'? It is much more funner to say!

  • Jo Anna
    Jo Anna • 1 year ago

    Are all of the people who commented on this friends or random strangers. (just curious)

  • TheVintageFunkery Gail P

    Random strangers, at least to me they are.

  • Jan Sheline
    Jan Sheline • 1 year ago

    hello everyone...

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