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Funny Confession Ecard: I use sarcasm because beating the crap out of people is in fact frowned upon in most societies.

SellfishCatfrom SellfishCat

Women be like…

"what's wrong?" "nothing."

No issues today. I'm in my awesome bubble and you're not allowed inside.

BuzzFeed Communityfrom BuzzFeed Community

Community Post: 18 Times Wednesday Addams Was The Hero Young Girls Needed

don't make me.....

it starts in the attic (attack). next thing you know there are "people under the stairs"

In the south, you have to choose a good hollering name. 'Mindy Sue Thomas, get over here right now!'

9GAGfrom 9GAG

Just For Fun

Don't judge.

I'm gonna need this on a t-shirt. And maybe stationary. Oooh, a sign next to the front door could also be quite useful.

aOh God I laughed at this one, its so true , what happened to me...was it kids !!!