My World Project- such a clever way to teach little one about the great big world

My World Project- Kid World Citizen

So cute... this can double as a way to help the munchkins learn about weather at home :) Need to also make this for the classroom

How clever!

cute project to teach where they are in their world - social studies

Do this as a center with cut and paste cubes (tuck the top in) - side one - illustration, side two - city/state/country, etc... - side 3 - Chicago, IL, USA... Do Chicago, IL, USA, NA, Northern Hemisphere, Earth

How to say I'm sorry. This chart is great for teaching children how to say sorry and mean it.


Counting & number recognition (",)- cute preschool spring project.

Understanding an equal sign

Neighborhood under construction in preschool WOW!!! I've tried creating a neighborhood on a billboard with family photos of the children framed in house shapes, but the 3-dimensionality of this project, the ownership of the houses and the book by Gail Gibbons as a provocation is just brilliant!!!!

Digestive System Lesson

Great project for your kids to make when talking about the world or where you are living - a layered map.

Global Twister: A Tutorial

Five regions of the United States project

United States drag and drop the state game

Crazy Speech World: Beach Ball Therapy! Fun and easy (and cheap) idea for speech therapy DIY!

Geography Printables

States of Matter foldable: When covering the properties of matter in Science, I can use this project in Phase 3 as an evaluation tool to see if the student's truly understand the different states of matter. It's a good hands on activity that also includes the student's art and creativity skills. It's also a great way of documenting student's work.

Use nesting boxes to illustrate the concepts of House, Town, State, Country, Continent, Planet. Great for the book Me on the Map! could also use nesting plastic cups

Never found a website as helpful as this one for phonemic awareness activities!