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Reminds me of the paint fight from 10 Things I Hate About You.

Fun, but what if it landed in the middle of the Ocean??

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Simple thing can be so meaningful if they come from the heart. I used to write quotes or messages on the free newspaper you could get in the train stations and then leave it on a train for someone to find.

It's on the bucket list: Own a pair of Louboutins before I die.

from POPSUGAR Smart Living

Pay a Stranger's Restaurant Bill

A stranger paid my bill once and it was the most unexpected moment and the joy I felt from it was unsurmountable. I was so grateful for this random act of kindness that I really want to return the favor to someone else who is deserving. Pay it forward!

its been done but it was really lame because it was thrown by "fake" friends or those plastic barbie dolls that no one id love another, one thats worth remembering(: