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This is an easy pattern. Circles are easy to crochet in general in simple dc, sc, etc.: just keep increasing groupings one more stitch farther apart for each and every new row and the circle should lay flat even if you keep going like that for forever.

Círculo mágico!

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Another Magic Loop method. In this method, you can crochet a large number of stitches and then close the middle, no more struggling to put 18 double crochets into a chain 4 ring.

Afegão com Flor Colorido, em Crochê. / Afghan With Colorful Flower Crochet. My great grandmother made one just like this!

Crochet Pattern: Vintage Daisy Motif

Stunning Vintage Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern with Daisy Motifs - FREE Pattern with Photo Tutorial. How to Vintage Daisy Motif Step-by-Step

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(Изображение JPEG, 852 × 1136 пикселов) Free pattern from Karla's making it

Pequeños pompones de ganchillo sobre un borde de cadena - crochet pompoms on a chain edge - full instructions - clever and so cute! - created via http://pinthemall.net

Well, isn't *this* a clever edging? tiny crochet pompoms on a chain edge - full instructions - clever and so cute!