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War films and the Oscars

ralph fiennes in the english patient

Daniel Radcliffe He will always be Harry Potter to me...and I mean that in a good, proud to be a fan way.

Johnny Depp - from when he was in Crybaby ♡ my favorite movie .. Crybaby Walker ♡

Ralph Fiennes. How can you tell that you shouldn't take "the Academy's" word on everything of worth? Ralph Fiennes does not yet have an oscar! and i'm having trouble coming up with people who are better actors than him.

Paul Newman. Because to date no other male actor has been able to come close to matching his absolute handsomeness or his generosity

Smagglefrom Smaggle

5 Obscure Celebrities That I'm Convinced Are Demons in The Sack. -...

Yell at your mom! I still love you.