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  • Julie

    Daily math ideas- Instead of MATH MEETINGS, why not try a daily brain workout for your accelerated students? Why not? WHY NOT?!?

  • Kimberly Romero

    Instead of MATH MEETINGS, why not try a daily brain workout for your accelerated students? math journal number of the day

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Learning's a Hoot: Number of the Day This might be ok to use a little later on during the year, or for a Number of the Week assignment. There's a blank template at the end so you can use numbers more appropriate for your grade level (although you might have to re-do some of the wording on the activities).

Division of the Day for Upper Grades! 30 day FREEBIE!

MA MAITRESSE DE CM1-CM2 | Site destiné aux instits et aux élèves de cycle 3 | Page 3

Better Bulletin Boards: Statistics Suits-mean, median, mode

for the teachers I know ... teaching ideas

Multiplication of the Day for Upper Grades Templates!

Skittles Math Printables for the Upper Grades *17 Pages of Activities!* Reviews: Decimals, Word Problems, Numbers and Operations, Fractions, Percents, Graphing, Arrays, Coordinate Plane Graphing, Measurement, Area & Perimeter, Mean, Median, Mode, and Range. $

6-8 year olds 1.3 order and compare rational numbers 1.5 number theory concepts (e.g., primes, composites, factors, divisibility ,and multiples) in mathematical problem situations

I think this would be great for choices and scripture references to support them. ie. Rule: Love one another Reason: John 13:34 and then the reference ....forget the math bit! lol!!

Calendar Math in the upper grades. Free recording sheet the students use (both 4th and 5th), plus an entire series to explain how to get it started in your class.

These are great guided math center games that you can do in small group or several groupings - using decks of cards. ...