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    • Jerica Mikenas

      *sweetness, mother daughter, mother baby

    • Alyssa Williams

      Sweet moments with your baby girl

    • Jessica Lowring

      Lifestyle newborn photography

    • Ivey Zimmerman 🌸

      I was just a baby. I was in my actual mother's arms and she was cradling me close to her heart. It wasn't like I was the baby itself, it was like my usual dreams where I could only see what's going on. Aida whispered something into my small ear and I yawned. Even then I was scrawny. She laid me in my crib with a fish mobile and Kaya walked in the door. "Get out." Aida said without turning around. Kaya walked next to my mother and said,"She's very precious. She's like a gift from the gods." Her voice even then was soothing but lined with hate. "That's why I named her Janessa." What went wrong between the two? Would history repeat itself between my siblings but I have no plan on having children what so ever. How could her own sibling hate her so much? Kaya grinned as she reached for my hand. My stomach coiled as if I could feel the touch. "Don't touch her." My mom said. Kaya flicked out a dagger and chided,"Why not? She will be my daughter!" And with that, Aida was dead. We move forward four years and I see myself holding a sandwich. My blood turned to ice and I had tunnel vision. Not this memory. Anything but this one. I pad to the basement door about ready to open it. I made the sandwich for Margaret, a daughter of Hades. I met her a few weeks ago and has been bringing food for her ever since. My hand is on the cool brass doorknob and my mother screeches,"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" I drop the food mortified and she strikes me so hard I fall backwards. She's hit me before though with belts and her own hands but this time it was different. "I-I-I'm sorry, mo-" I whimper. She grips my wrists and she brings me close to her face. Her breath smells of smoke and alcohol. "What have I told you about going downstairs?" Her voice was eerily calm. "I didn't mean to!", I whale. She dragged me to the top level of the house and slammed me in a dark closet. I had no room to move because if I did she would hear it and move the thermostat to a higher temperature. Sadly enough, my ADHD is stronger than most since I have more godly blood so I moved around. I never saw Margaret again. You can guess how I got my fear claustrophobia. I go into the future and see something I don't remember so it'll happen soon. All I see is black and I feel so much pain. The worst pain I have ever felt. Then the pain numbs and I can't see black anymore; I see white. Then I wake up to find that Old Hag's Syndrome has struck again.

    • Amanda Allen

      sweetness #newborn #baby #photography

    • Rochelle Fine

      Mom and newborn pic... so sweet

    • Krystal Jobe

      i want a newborn picture like this one day…look at her sweet little toes

    • Kate Etak

      sweetness, newborn photography

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