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    All of us have been conditioned, even though we may not put it in such crass terms, to believe that if you love me six units, I should love you at most six units in return. I can feel secure in loving you six units because you have already committed yourself that far. But if you get annoyed with me and stomp out, slamming the door, I should pull back, at least temporarily, my six units of love.

    sea of tulips - Celebrating - Love - Red - Valentines

    You Don't Send Me Flowers Anymore

    No more droopy tulips: Add a copper coin to the vase to keep your tulips standing tall and straight - even if they are already bending, they will straighten after you drop a penny in their water!

    ..tulips...these remind me of my favorite tulips in my wedding bouquet ♡

    Learn to make tulips last year round! Super easy. I love it!