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A winged death’s head (symbol of death and resurrection) spotted on a gravestone in Fordwich, Kent. (Photo: Clare Gibson)

Death attacks! The Nightingale monument at Westminster Abbey. (Seeing Symbols)

18th century Coffin plate Martha Marsh's coffin plate dating to 1775

An ancient Greek memorial stone shows the deceased holding a pomegranate, symbol of death & fertility, in her left hand; she holds a pet bird in her right hand. (Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna)

The gravestone of Johan-Richard Schram (1834-1898), in Chiswick Old Cemetery; a combination of Viking runestone and Christian memorial symbols. (Seeing Symbols)

Coffin shaped hole for pauper burials, Youghal town wall - An empty coffin was once stored here for paupers who could not afford a coffin burial. Their bodies were temporarily laid in the coffin before being carried to the grave and buried in a shroud. The coffin would then be returned to await the next pauper funeral.

The Tomb of William Courtenay - Archbishop of Canterbury (1381-1396) Canterbury Cathedral

Dorothy Dodridge and Her Skull: Exeter Cathedral

The perfect resting place. The inscription reads: A great French writer (Chateaubriant) wanted to rest here to hear only the sea and the wind. Please respect his last wish.

18th Century Funeral Announcement From Les Menus & Programmes Illustrés - Invitations - Billets de Faire-Part - Cartes d'Adresses - Petites Estampes du XVIIème Siècle jusqu'à nos jours. By Léon Maillard. Published 1898 by G. Boudet, Paris.

Some Buddhas at the Shinyo-do cemetery.

A gold and enamel mourning ring, c.1760-1820, featuring a weeping willow, symbol of mourning, and urn, symbol of death, and the words 'NOT LOST BUT GONE BEFORE'.

Westminster by Bill Green on Fickr, London, UK, great photograhy by Bill

Here is a helpful graphic to understand what tombstone symbols represent. Credit: http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/a-graphic-guide-to-cemetery-symbolism

St Peter Street, Marlow, Buckinghamshire UK

The abandoned Château de la Forêt in the Arrondissement of Ath, Belgium.


A nineteenth-century silver, gold and diamond intaglio mourning ring depicting a funerary urn, a symbol of death and mourning.

Vintage Halloween Postcard

Looking up the face of the dais Oriel of one of Chipping Campden's finest medieval hall houses.