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  • Clare Gibson

    A winged death’s head (symbol of death and resurrection) spotted on a gravestone in Fordwich, Kent. (Photo: Clare Gibson)

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Famine Graveyard,County Sligo,Ireland The sculpture by Fred Conlon called Faoin Sceach(Under the Hawthorn).This tree stands as a symbol of dignity.It marks the graves of the unnamed dead who perished in the Great Famine of 1845-47.The Great Hunger was like a never-ending winter.The desolation brought hunger,disease and death.The lone tree was held in a position of high importance from early Celtic mythology. The boulder stones surrounding the base allude to ancient forms of burial.

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This mask is from Madame Tussaud. There is no evidence that Madame Tussaud was present at her execution or that his is indeed the face of Marie Antoinette.

Year: 1780-1810 Price: sold Description: This is one of the finest pieces of memorial jewelry I have ever had. Commemorates the death of a mother and several of her children.