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Vintage NYC - Helen Levitt became famous for her poignantly candid photographs of New York City’s young children playing in the street of the Lower East Side or Harlem.

Kids from the Lower East Side - New York City 1937. This charming image captures the antics of children in the lower east side of New York City in the United States in 1937. Sat in a wheel barrow, the four youngsters share a giggle as they make the most of splashing around in water on a hot American day. Its timeless black and white photography capture the essence of fun, youth and innocence.

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Famous American Photographers

The hot weather last night took Weegee, the photographer, to the Lower East Side, where he found these children sleeping on a tenement fire escape at Irving and Rivington Streets. Weegee says he gave the kids $2 for ice cream. But their father took charge of the dough. PM Photo by Weegee. "Heat Spell", May 23, 1941

NYC Grand Central Terminal, 1929 — The light doesn’t stream in like this anymore because the buildings around the station are too tall.

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Nice Things

Swimming pool aerial view for this fashion shooting for "Nice Things" by Paloma Wool - Carefully selected by GORGONIA