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The reason PhotoShop was invented... @Kevin Turner, i think we need to do something like this with the picture of Braden running from the ocean waves 2 yrs ago.

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I Pikachu When You're Naked | Tank Top | Funny Gifts For Boyfriend Shirts

This exact conversation happened to me when I was 4 years old. I drew a picture of a carrot and I was SO proud of myself. I showed my mom and she just said, "that's nice." She didn't even look at the picture before she said it.

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28 Funny Pictures for Today

28 Funny Pictures for Today Check more at

Newt- Subject A5 The Glue The boy who CRIED Was the one who TRIED He had to FIGHT The most to SURVIVE He seemed so FINE But lost his MIND The Crank that DIED The Glue had DRIED . Newt

Patient: The problem is that obesity runs in our family. Doctor: No, the problem is that no one runs in your family.