I love these plants...does anyone know what they are??? Especially the mint green colored ones.

river of succulents Great for rock gardem

Garden Fragrance Galore! - Dianthus Firewitch - easy to grow groundcover for a sunny spot in the garden.

Rock Spiral Garden | World In Green

How To Plant a Succulent Wreath.

Containers of succulents.

Gardening with succulents - tips for growing your own oasis Check out the website to see more

Succulent rock garden

Foliage ground covers. Well-placed foliage can be just as stunning as flowers and many are very low maintenance.

Desert garden

purple pavement succulents....this would make any corner of your garden elegant!


Taking ground cover to a new level

Orange tree, succulents

The garden pathway is a good place for your walks. Moreover, they are also a great decorative element to further enrich your landscape. So you cannot ignore their aesthetic value in garden designs. In a sense, a unique and charming garden path may reflect the personality and taste of the house owner. Create an inspiring […]


I am not usually into this kind of thing, but I LOVE these chickens!

rock steps