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Weimaraner Puppy - also good for distance running. Look at those eyes!

Ssshhhh...little one is trying to sleep and her little look of annoyance at being disturbed is most expressive.

this adorable raggamuffin looks a lot like my mother's rescue Jack Russell Terrier after she's been out on rodent patrol in the back yard!!! ... super smart ... delightful when trained ...

Those eyes and the gorgeous big ears. Yorkies have such soulful eyes. A stunning little creature.

A baby human snuggling with a baby dog. what's not to love? I think I just ovulated, and I know i'll be trolling the humane society website for the next week because of this pin.

AWWWWW. This makes me want to have another babe and pup!!! :)

It's so fluffy! ---OMG! My chest is going to explode! Super happy panic! I wanna squeeze, squish, hug face!!!!