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  • Brian Lyne

    Fresh fruits - a new take on the breakfast burrito

  • Erika Stampfl

    Breakfast ideas: I'd like to try the fruit crunch burrito & the egg pizza pocket.

  • Mariam Ketner

    5 Healthy Breakfast meals, yum!

  • Eda M

    SOUNDS DELIC and EASY! Fruit Crunch Burritos: Whole-grain tortillas aren’t just for savory wraps — they’re also a delicious way to create a handheld breakfast that’s great for busy mornings. Start by spreading peanut butter on the tortilla, and then sprinkle with sliced almonds, says Suzanne Farrell, M.S., R.D. Then add a couple of dollops of canned pumpkin puree, a few thin apple slices, and a handful of raisins. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top, and then fold in the ends and roll into a burrito. If you’re in a hurry, wrap it in a paper towel and take it on the go. THE BENEFITS: The protein from the almonds and peanut butter, and the slowly digested whole grains will help keep you full. The pumpkin puree adds a boost of vitamin A, while the apples and raises boost the fiber content to help balance your blood sugar

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