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funny. and sad.

funny. and sad.

funny. and sad.

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The Top 8 Ways To Be 'Traditionally Married,' According To The Bible


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Community Post: Stephen Wildish's Venn Diagrams

Le diagramme de #venn des ours.

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The Venn of Beer

Usually I don't appreciate these humorous takes on the Venn diagram, but this one involves beer.

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Guess What Percentage Of American Children Are Living In Poverty. Seriously, Guess.

Come the heck on - we're behind freakin' LATVIA? Really? I don't know how those Republicans in Congress sleep at night. Oh, wait, yes I do - they're not the ones putting their kids to bed hungry.

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Who Said It: Mitt Romney Vs. Mr. Burns

Mitt Romney vs. Mr. Burns

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21 Times Tumblr Proved English Is The Worst Language Ever

When they decided the academic style of writing is ridiculous. | 21 Times Tumblr Proved English Is The Worst Language Ever

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What's The #1 Killer Of Girls Aged 15-19 Worldwide?

Supporting Girls.

Republicans continue to support massive tax loopholes, overseas banking and corporate subsidy give aways.

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GET IT, GIRL: Emma Stone Calls Out Sexism In The Media, Could Not Be More Awesome While Doing So



An Important Life Lesson That Needs To Be Learned

I will respect your right to be religious and believe differently than I do, so long as you respect others' life choices and who they are. So long as you are a good, kind person and not hurting others or hating on others, we will be fine.

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Here's What Obamacare Actually Does For You

Just a little reminder what we get to hold on to - never thought I'd say this, but THANKS to Chief Justice Roberts!

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I Don't Think 'Middle Class' Means What Politicians Think It Means

TRUTH!!! I Don't Think 'Middle Class' Means What they think or how about we get a D in math and statistics as usual and an A in follow the leader. When are we going to think for ourselves and our children's future.